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Germany: +49-800-2668436
International: +49-821-24256513

Email: info@convien.com

What can you do with the plugin?


By finding the optimal location for a given set of attendees and their departures, we can suggest cities where you should meet to save the most CO2. The add-in uses the free version of the Meeting Place Finder to find a list of optimal locations for the given places of origin with various algorithms. The CO2 values are calculated using the logic of our partner atmosfair.

How can it be installed?


Individuals can retrieve the Add-in directly from Microsoft Appsource using this URL : https://appsource.microsoft.com/de-de/product/office/WA200001588.
In a corporate environment, an administrator in your IT department can assign the add-in to individual users or user groups in the MS Azure backend.
Informations about supported Outlook versions and platforms can be found here : https://appsource.microsoft.com/de-de/product/office/WA200001588?tab=DetailsAndSupport

Where to find the plugin after installation?


After retrieval of the plugin from the appstore you can find the plugin in the context of planning appointments. Please note that the exact position of the add-in in the menu can vary depending on the platform (Windows / Mac / browser)

How to use the plugin?

1. In your meeting invitation enter all participating attendees as required attendees. Optional attendees are not taken into account.
2. Add a meeting title, date & description as usual.
3. Enter a preferred destination as location for the meeting in the invitation to see how much CO2 can be saved.

4. Open the plugin from the context menu.
5. If you opened the plugin for the first time, our “First Run Experience” will be displayed. Click the “Got It” button at the bottom when you are ready to continue.

6. After that all your attendees will be listed with their email addresses and if available with their designated origin locations.
7. With the checkbox you can mark whether the attendee should be taken into account for the location optimization or not. 
If no location is visible in the field next to the checkbox you are free to enter a departure location yourself. The best format is “city, country”. This way the location can be identified. 
If you would like to change a location, click the pen icon next to the text. The location field can then be edited.
8. As soon as you have maintained all participating attendees and their origin cities, you can start the search for the optimal meeting location.

9. After a few seconds the loading circle disappears and the results are displayed. 
If problems occur an error is displayed and you can repeat the search after fixing the issue.

10. As soon as the list is displayed you can click any displayed result location to see more details. Just click the element. The details for this destination will be displayed in a popup.

Within the details popup you can complete the final address for the meeting, validate it and by using the “Choose location” button, the address will be written into the appointment.
This is the point of time when the Add-in detects a saving regarding CO2 consumption compared to your initial preferred destination.

11. If you click the info icon in the title banner you can read a summary of the available functionality.

Error types:

a) “Start date must be at least two days in future.”
-> Solution: Please adjust the date to at least 2 days into the future of the current date. This is needed because we evaluate real travel connections.
b) “Invalid list of departures! Must contain at least 2 departures!”
-> Solution: Please enable the checkboxes of at least two attendees with maintained departure locations.
c) “One or more of the departures could not be identified. Please check for correct spelling.”
-> Solution: One or more of the departure locations could not be identified. Please re-enter the location and use the suggestions of the autocompleter.
d) “CONVIEN Backend currently unavailable. Please try again later.”
-> Solution: Please contact support.
e) No error message is shown, but the add-in does not work?
-> Solution: Please make sure you have Third-Party-Cookies allowed in your browser. We use outlook backend resources which use cookies. You can enable Third-Party-Cookies in your browser settings.

Report a problem?

Contact us with this email: support@convien.com