What is a Strategic Meeting Management Program (SMMP) and for whom does it make sense?

Businesses often have vague meeting management and therefore often lose track of the organization of meetings and events. In that case, an SMMP is needed.
An SMMP is a company-wide program that structures meetings and events in such a way that costs are recorded and reduced, and the company gets clear reporting.

SMMPs are useful for all companies of a certain size and with a large number of internal meetings and events.

What are the benefits of SMMPs?

* Cost transparency and reduction
* Operational control
* Standardized purchasing processes
* Enhanced duty of care
* Improved sustainability

Without SMMP, decentralized and potentially chaotic processes arise without the possibility of monitoring and improving collaboration.

What are the typical steps to set up such a program?

1. Analysis/collection of key figures
* How many meetings & events are being organized?
* How many attendees usually take part?
* Where do the meetings take place?
* How are the meetings organized?
* How many meetings are web meetings?

2. Definition of optimization goals such as…
* Cost reduction
* Productivity increase
* Improved work-life balance
* Expansion of the capacities of conference rooms
* Adjustment of guidelines and policies

3. Implementation of processes and solutions
* Rate negotiations
* Procurement processes for event locations
* Lack of resources for web meeting solutions and/or planning tools need to be fixed
* Meeting room capacities
* Meeting minute management
* Travel processes including duty of care and sustainability

The program is a tailor-made solution to the organization’s specific needs and perfectly complements the corporate strategy. Therefore, it is used to standardize business processes, so employees can comply with corporate and industry conformity.

How can CONVIEN help set up an SMMP and provide value with its concepts and solutions?

CONVIEN is an innovative software provider specializing in meeting and travel management products.
Our corporate travel and meeting management solution simplifies the most complex workflow processes, by helping companies to analyze and optimize their meeting culture.

CONVIEN provides standardized and tailor-made solutions, which make saving potentials transparent and optimize cost & CO2 footprint. It also increases the productivity and safety of corporate meetings and events.

For example, the CONVIEN Meeting Place Finder supports the organizers in determining the perfect date and location for certain participants regarding :

* Travel cost
* Travel productivity
* Accommodation cost
* CO2 footprint
* Travel security and all reflecting existing travel and meeting policies to cope with compliance regulations.

The associated reporting supports organizers, human resources, procurement, and travel managers in the continuous optimization of processes and cost structures.

Get started now and improve your business performance!

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