From now on all Outlook 365 users can get and use the brand new plugin in the Microsoft AppSource for free: Get the Addin Here!

The missing puzzle piece to optimize the mass of small meetings directly in Outlook is finally available.

What is the purpose of the add-in?

Analogous to the already established Meeting Place Finder web application the plugin supports meeting organizers in the selection of the optimal meeting location precisely where thousands of meetings and events are planned every day: in Microsoft Outlook. The publicly available and free tool specializes in optimizing the meeting location with regard to the CO2 consumption of the participants on arrival and departure. By using it, up to 30% CO2 can be avoided per meeting simply by intelligently selecting the meeting location and thus making a significant contribution to the sustainability and reduction of your CO2 footprint.

Who should install the add-in?

Every Outlook user who organizes a meeting with travel needs often or only occasionally will be given the opportunity to choose the meeting location sustainably after installation with the support of the Meeting Place Finder logic. No additional license or additional installation is required for basic use – only the authorization to install and use Outlook Addins. If you are not authorized to install the plugin, you can go directly to your Outlook 365 admin, who has the option of making the add-in available to you individually or to entire departments of your company.

Ecological and economical

In its free basic form, the plugin initially “only” enables the meeting location to be optimized from a sustainability point of view – but there is also the option for corporate customers to use the add-in for a fee with all known features such as travel cost analysis, working time cost analysis, hotel cost projection, travel security and access to the trade fair database. Here, the add-in can be used in addition to the web application or only in Outlook and then also access all parameters stored in the system for your meeting and travel culture.

So, get involved!

Avoiding CO2 in the context of business trips has never been easier. With just a few clicks, you will receive a free CO2 analysis for the travel processes to your chosen meeting location and alternatives that require up to 30% less carbon dioxide when your participants arrive.

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