Knowledge is power – especially when it comes to business travel. Running a successful meeting is a big challenge for many. That’s why adequate solutions are essential to make business travel more efficient. A non-systematic approach to travel and bookings not only costs time and money but also poses a security problem. In many companies, despite dedicated business travel, travel service providers will be searched and booked through other channels, called maverick buyers. Their main motivation is the hope of being able to save costs. However, if the buyer does not comply with the travel requirements, the costs incurred through unused discounts, the time spent on research, and in accounting for the aggregation and posting of individual documents. In addition, all companies have the duty of care for all their employees, which is extremely difficult to assess if the companies do not know where their employees are. That’s why it’s important that companies have an efficient Online Booking Engine (OBE), which is easy to use.

Some advantages for companies to use an Online Booking Engine:
1. This allows companies to map the travel organization holistically – from travel requests to travel booking to travel expenses.
2. Direct travel expenses are reduced through price comparisons, and access to corporate and special rates.
3. Interactive travel policies prevent overpriced travel and, in some cases if a travel is more expensive than allowed, it must be approved by a travel manager.
4. The travel organization is simplified by profile management and standardized booking and billing processes.

Some advantages for travelers to use an Online Booking Engine:
1. Unified processes and the implementation of travel policies allows full control of user bookings and expenditures.
2. A fast planning of the journey on favorable terms and conditions.
3. The centralized travel process will simplify management and the day-to-day workflows leading to time and productivity management.
4. The traveler will get all travel solutions from one source and have the data organized in one place.

For employees to comply with the bookings and therefore avoid maverick bookings, it is advisable to have clear travel policies that are openly communicated and verified. For cost control, an overview of all travel costs is essential.

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