Did you know that our planet has to deal with 3.374.250.000 tons of CO2 every year, which originates from business trips?

The travel of the participants is with 70% of the biggest CO2 producer at meetings. Right behind is accommodation with 15%, food with 10%, and energy needs & infrastructure with 5%.

The big challenge is, that personal meetings are crucial for the business – one cannot always replace them with web meetings, meaning smart solutions are needed.

Our approach is the Meeting Place Finder software, which analyzes millions of travel connections based on the places of origin of the attendees in order to facilitate the selection of the optimal meeting place regarding CO2 consumption, ticket cost, and working time.

With the Meeting Place Finder, it is possible to manage the planning of the meeting all the way up to sending out the invitations.
1. The organizer determines the participants with their places of origin in the Meeting Place Finder software.
2. One selects one or more time periods for the meeting to take place. The Meeting Place Finder will then identify the optimal meeting places for the time periods according to CO2 emission.
3. The organizer selects the optimal date by detecting the availabilities of the participants via the software.
4. One sends out the invitations via the software including the optimal travel recommendation for each participant. The participant is even able to book the trip via our CONVIEN booking engine.

Apart from choosing minimum CO2 consumption, we also provide the lowest ticket costs and maximum productivity (lowest travel & labor costs). We are able to analyze travel & hotel costs and have negotiated flight & hotel rates.

With the Meeting Place Finder, travel policies and a control mechanism for procurement are also possible.

Individual needs such as multimodal travel search (Flights, Rail, Car), adjustable data sources (Amadeus, Travelfusion,…), and custom destination algorithms ( Company Seats, … ) can be adjusted.

The user is able to have procedural freedom. They can choose between anonymous and personalized modes. The Meeting Place Finder is compatible with integrated or external travel booking solutions.

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