What can we learn from the crisis?

At this time, many are using the meeting and event stop to think about whether everything should continue as before or whether it is time to make meaningful changes to processes that are difficult to complete during the daily operation.

What can we do?

Instead of waiting until the situation relaxes and meetings and business trips at least partially get going again, you could take a critical look at your company’s Meeting & Travel programs and also take measures that guarantee the security and productivity of the participants in the future and promote sustainability and cost awareness.

It is highly likely that many businesses will consider web meetings as their first choice, however, in some cases, you just cannot avoid personal meetings. These are too important to completely be cut out from daily operations!

Therefore, the meeting organizers should think carefully about when and where the face-to-face meeting should take place. With the Meeting Place Finder, this process can be simplified drastically.

This tool helps Meeting & Event organizers find the optimal location for events according to security, sustainability, travel costs, productivity, and other criteria.

Let us hope that we can shake hands again soon!

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