The aspect of sustainability has become more and more important in recent years, and therefore the trend is also increasingly turning to green meetings & events.

However, what are green meetings? The definition of “green” can vary drastically!

At a green meeting or a green event, environmental aspects are included in the entire planning process in order to minimize the negative effects of the event on the environment.

A green event is organized with the aim of minimizing waste and promoting sustainable action that goes far beyond basic “green” practices such as recycling.

Of course, it’s important that those selected suppliers take sustainability into account, including recycling their own products and services throughout the year.

Often, meeting venues are selected according to which sustainable criteria they meet.

Many of these hotels are in rural areas or in quiet city locations, near a forest, meadow, or lake, which sounds very sustainable in the first place as they also offer for example social responsibility, a CO2-neutral stay, or regionality.

However, since many of the locations are in the countryside, with basically no access to public transportation, it means ALL participants must travel by car. This, of course, increases the CO2 footprint of each participant drastically.

In order to really have a sustainable meeting, it’s important to not only think about food and drinks, events supply, etc. but also and especially about the travel of the participants, as it’s 70% the biggest CO2 producer at meetings.

Think ahead for a greener future!

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