Any optimization of travel processes and strategic meeting management should be based on a complete data foundation that considers not only the costs of MICE sourcing but also the travel processes that depend on them. The goal is to streamline structures and increase transparency & savings driven by consolidation.

Transparent evaluation and analytical reporting of all activities are key to strategic meeting management.

CONVIEN VENUE is designed to support and ease your corporate travel management. However, there is more to the VENUE Meeting Place Finder than “just” optimizing your meetings – with CONVIEN, the analysis of the company’s meeting and travel culture is also possible.

Various reports such as the evaluation of the number of participants or/and the evaluation of the planning period (when exactly meetings are planned) are possible.

The latest release of CONVIEN VENUE gives a practical insight into the meeting experience as a basis for:
* Flight & Hotel rate negotiations
* Strategic Purchasing e.g. internal & external meeting capacities
* Controlling SOPs and Guidelines etc.
* Overall transparency

In conclusion, reports can help with process optimization and enable purchasing advantages. With this detailed information, huge cost savings can be achieved in the area of company events.

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