This joking quote from Mark Twain applies to many business processes – not least the area of business travel.

In fact, there is a crystal ball for business trips, which can make visible who is going to where, when, and for what reason – you know it as Microsoft Outlook.
75% of all business trips have a meeting as the (mostly unknown) cause – so if you deal with the treasure trove of data that is slumbering unresolved in the planning tools for meetings and events, you get a glimpse on the travel processes of your employees and can optimize them at a point in time which still allows all options.

If you go one step further, this also offers the possibility of not only projecting travel behavior but also optimizing it for the better – at the time an event is organized, there are still an almost infinite number of possibilities in terms of place and time combinations which all have very different effects on travel and accommodation costs, travel time & traveler well-being, travel security, availability of travel options and also the CO2 footprint.

All in all, this principle allows travel processes to be recorded from where they arise and allows the processes to be controlled and optimized gently without restricting collaboration.

The perfect task for supporting, artificial intelligence, which is able to find the optimal place and time for events taking into account your procurement, your guidelines, and the safety and well-being of the travelers and thus minimizing the costs and the CO2 footprint.

This form of technology represents the missing link between meeting and travel management and brings together in a user-friendly way what has always been subject to the principle of cause and effect.

Get ahead of the wave and use the Meeting Place Finder to optimize your meeting and travel processes!

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