MPO Terms of Service

MPO Team

Siemens AG

General Information

Every customer who wants to use services of the MPO requires a registration. After a successful registration a login with e-mail address and password is possible. (A registration via SSO will be possible shortly)

Privacy Statement

The data protection guidelines oblige us to inform you which of your personal data we store in the course of your registration and for which purposes we will use it later. You will find a brief description below. In addition to the data stored during registration, usage data that is necessary for the internal billing of the services is also recorded. The following data protection section refers exclusively to the personal data collected during registration. We store the data about you stored in the SCD such as last name, first name, e-mail, and location. This data will be kept in our customer file. The data is used to address you if necessary. There are different types of messages to you, starting with the successful calculation of your meeting, maintenance information up to information about functional enhancements of our services.

Billing Information

Global Marketing Services | Information Services & Platforms (GMS ISP) is a Shared Service of Siemens AG. As a non-mandatory service, GMS ISP is not centrally financed and charges the costs of the services to the users (“zero-profit” profit center). In order to keep the usage process as simple as possible, you will be charged the displayed price during the use of the MPO via the NRS of the associated cost center. The billing takes place with the help of the data stored about you in the SCD, such as OrgID and cost center.