In 2022 it’s no longer a secret that meeting organizations without reflection on travel processes and travel management without accounting for the trigger mechanism has unfavorable effects on all involved persons and parties.

That is why Cytric and CONVIEN joined forces to deliver interoperability between their platforms in order to enable companies to take advantage of an end-to-end process between the CONVIEN Meeting Place Finder and the Amadeus Cytric Online Booking Engine.

The effect is very far-reaching and valuable while the implementation in the company is very easy – the Meeting Place Finder can be made available company-wide (or for specific user groups) in MS Outlook with just a few clicks and provide the meeting organizer with valuable savings potential, taking into account the travel processes of the participants. After sending the invitation, the participants are taken directly to the Cytric Online Booking Engine for planning and booking their trips – single sign-on mechanisms ensure that the user can switch between the applications throughout the entire process without password overhead.

The system recognizes and differentiates between internal and external participants so that it can be used not only for purely internal meetings. In addition to the individual advantages and savings potential of both platforms, the joint process – in addition to the convenience of meeting participants – brings many other advantages, which makes the whole thing something greater than the sum of its individual parts.

Let’s look at an example – according to statistics, companies lose 10-20% in savings due to maverick buyers, i.e. travelers who book their trips outside of the guidelines without considering the purchasing strategy. All efforts to gain advantages through strategic purchasing or to avoid savings in climate-damaging emissions through measurements in the set platforms are then useless. These problems can be drastically reduced through targeted guidance of employees to the set booking platforms by being picked up when the need for a trip arises.

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