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Why choose CONVIEN?

Plan sustainable meetings from the beginning

Find the most CO2-friendly destinations and travel options for your team, before you start planning.

Prioritize your cost savings - hotel + travel

Search for the location, flights, and hotels that fall within your travel budget in one simple view.

Spend less time planning, traveling, and stressing

Our end-to-end process was designed to save time. Both for the organizers and for travelers, with the fewest stopovers.

Extensive reporting and clear display of information

Clear data is critical to plan effective meetings on budget and with a lower CO2 footprint. View and share data in real time for your upcoming or potential meetings with the rest of the team.

Lightweight solution, no complicated onboarding or learning curves

Meeting Place Finder was designed to be simple and integrate into your existing planning process. Our web application does not require any tedious work to get set up.

Reflects all existing travel + meeting policies and guidelines

Customizable user profiles and the ability to enter your predetermined rates and policies allow total compliance.

"MPF puts you on top of your total costs of travel. The cost management tool allows for an overview of all costs which allows us to monitor and optimize future travels."
- Controlling Manager for a Global Consulting Firm
"Their platform does not affect the integrity of your IT infrastructure. All necessary applications are provided in a secure private cloud environment which makes our job a whole lot easier."
- IT Admin for a Sales Enterprise
"CONVIEN has enabled location optimization and the ability to discuss CO2-related data before making travel decisions. It’s a critical step in the right direction for the future of sustainable corporate travel practices."
- Prof. Dr. Harald Zeiss, Founder of Institute for Sustainable Tourism
“CONVIEN convinced me by the fact that almost all the ideas and questions I had are covered by the functions. It is so easy for the end user to utilize and has so much intelligence. For anyone who operates as a 'homo oeconomicus', this tool is a must-have.”
- Sven Roesler, Partner & Managing Consultant, Global Marketing Services, Siemens AG