We are a sustainability tool a cost savings machine a productivity booster CONVIEN.

Fundamentally changing the way we plan, manage, and book corporate meetings. Deeply integrated, data-driven, and fully digital.

Our story

The idea of CONVIEN was born when our CEO felt he was spending more time at the airport than with his family. A common theme created this feeling – many trips had drawbacks, like unfavorable flight times, destinations, and poor connections due to hastily selected meeting destinations.

He was not alone in this feeling, many business travelers globally experience a lack of work-life balance due to frequent travel. This greatly affects productivity and an employee’s well-being.

So, we began to imagine and design a platform that allows participants and organizers to compare travel experiences for different meeting locations, based on travel time, travel costs, and CO₂ emissions.

Now, meetings can be optimized using data-driven decisions and the planet and travelers globally are the real winners.

Our Core Values

Environmental Protection

Traveling in a more environmentally cautious way is crucial for the future health of our planet.  It's our goal to provide solutions to help visualize the carbon impact of meeting destinations and the method of travel to reach them. Helping teams worldwide to make the greenest decisions possible.

Adaptive Thinking

We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all solution because we know the reality is different. We possess the ability to quickly adapt to changing conditions by providing modular and customizable solutions for a complex and ever-changing ecosystem.

Collaborative Mindset

We know we only can tackle complexity together. We focus on our strengths and build on synergies. Because we know connected solutions lead to simplified and better meeting management software.

Trust Technology

We are committed to creating a safe and efficient platform for meeting and travel management. We’re setting standards in data security because we know that in order for people to trust technology, there need to be reliable, transparent solutions.

Optimize your meeting location for the health of our planet

Meeting Place Finder

Let data drive your decisions. Our solution optimizes the entire planning process – lowering costs, reducing carbon emissions, and saving time, for you and your attendees.

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